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The beauty of cookie dough is that it can be adapted with a multitude of flavours to suit your tastes.

Christmas is a season synonymous with sweet aromatics like cinnamon and ginger; key flavours behind classic gingerbread. And with the right Christmas cookie cutter, the possibilities are endless for shaping your biscuits.

Not only can you create sweet treats to enjoy warm, from a tin or to ice and give as gifts, but also edible Christmas decorations like a :gingerbread wreath or an :Advent calendar laced with additional flavour.

Cut them out or stamp a design on to the dough and you’ll be left with a bake that’ll go down well with people of any age.

We’ve chosen our favourite cookie cutters and stamps below for shaping your favourites, from the classic snowflake designs to woodland animals themes that can be used year-round.

Discover an encyclopaedia of :Christmas recipes and ideas right here to help celebrate the season this December and beyond.

Learn :how to make biscuits with the help of BBC Good Food experts and discover 10 ways of adapting this :basic cookie dough recipe with our :ultimate biscuit guide.

For more than 400 buyer’s guides, visit our :reviews section to find our ultimate :gifts for foodies, :spirits reviews and the results of our :Christmas Taste Awards 2020.

Best Christmas cookie cutters

From Christmas tree cookie cutters to shapes to accessorise your gingerbread house, we’ve rounded up the best festive designs.

Lakeland 3D Christmas tree 10-piece cookie cutter set

Lakeland 3D Christmas tree 10-piece cookie cutter set

Make your own 3D :gingerbread Christmas tree with the help of these ten cookie cutters. Once baked, the cookies stack up to form a deliciously creative table centrepiece. Simply bake, stack and enjoy.

Available from Lakeland (£4.99)

Meri Meri Christmas motif cookie cutters

Meri Meri Christmas motif cookie cutters

Featuring a fox, racoon, bear, reindeer, squirrel and a tree, Meri Meri’s motif cutters are a stainless steel set of forest animals that can be brought out year-round. Dress them up with some festive icing for Christmas or bake a woodland scene for any season. We love that the packaging is eco-friendly paper and can all be recycled.

Available from Meri Meri (£10)

Large truck with Christmas tree cookie cutter set

Large Truck with Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Set

For kids who are transport obsessed, this American-style truck with a Christmas tree in its flatbed design, plus the additional tree, would go down a treat. Both are dishwasher-safe and made from stainless steel.

Birkmann cookie stamp

Birkmann Cookie Stamp

Cookie stamps feel like a real kitchen tool and are a fun activity with kids for making not-so-little Christmas cookies or biscuits. This 7cm stamp by Birkmann has a smooth, sturdy wooden handle that’s just the right size for kids to wrap their hands around. The stamp itself is made of silicone which can be removed for easy cleaning. Just throw it in the dishwasher after use. It would work well with firmer doughs like shortbread or gingerbread.

Available from Borough Kitchen (£8.25)

BWD Christmas cookie stamps

BWD Christmas Cookie Stamps

Like the Birkmann, this cookie stamp also has a smooth wooden handle but offers three silicone stamp designs to choose from instead of one; a Christmas tree, bell and reindeer. Each is removable. At 5.5cm in diameter, they’re a tad smaller for more bite-sized bakes.

Chef Aid Stainless steel gingerbread cutters

Chef Aid Stainless steel gingerbread cutters

For creating the classic gingerbread men shape, this set of three cutters by Chef Aid are a budget-friendly option for achieving a variety of sizes. The largest is 12.2cm whilst the smaller are 7.6cm and 2.6cm. Keep an eye once you’ve popped them in the oven as the smaller ones will cook quicker than the large. All are dishwasher-safe.

Santa’s reindeer cookie cutter, LeCuisinier

Santa's reindeer cookie cutter, LeCuisinier

For extremely cute cookies or even fondant decorations, this reindeer does some of the decorative work for you acting as both cookie cutter and stamp. The cutter itself is made from biodegradable plastics derived from renewable corn starch, using a 3D printer, so avoid putting it in the dishwasher.

:Available from Etsy (£4.75)

Lakeland six Christmas cookie cutters

Lakeland six Christmas cookie cutters

This simple set of six cookie cutters are classic Christmas shapes, featuring an angel, star, Christmas tree, Santa and a snowman ?perfectly sized for small treats. Threaded onto a ring, this set is an easy one to hook away and store.

Available from Lakeland (£4.99)

NordicWare starry night cookie stamps

NordicWare Starry Night cookie stamps

This set of snowflake cookie stamps will make a delightfully festive bunch of cookies. We’re certain the three designs embossed onto each cast aluminium stamp would go down well with any fans of Disney’s Frozen, particularly if drizzled with icing.

Penguin and polar bear fondant cutters

Penguin and polar bear fondant cutters

Sometimes a simple set of cookie cutters is all you need. This design offers a sharp cutting edge on one side and a more rounded lip on the other for pressing onto dough more comfortably. You have creative license over what decorations to go for.

:Available from Etsy (£4.99)

Stocking Christmas cookie cutters

Stocking Christmas cookie cutter

Stamp out a collection of seasonal socks with the help of Lakeland’s stocking cookie cutter, with a deep outer rim for cutting and inner walls for imprinting the design onto the dough. The guidelines offer particularly useful areas for icing.

Available from Lakeland (£4.99)

Olywee 5-piece Christmas cookie cutter set

Olywee 5-piece Christmas cookie cutter set

Made of stainless steel, this set is a bargain and features a snowflake, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, reindeer and Santa Clause cutters.

Joyoldelf Christmas cookie cutter

Joyoldelf Christmas cookie cutter

Great for small hands, these stainless steel cookie cutters have a plastic upper rim to make pressing down onto cookie dough more comfortable on hands. All are large in size so will make big cookies, but can also be used to press out novelty sandwiches.

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Rosalind Ryan <![CDATA[What is chlorinated chicken?]]> 2020-11-27T11:52:44Z 2020-11-27T11:52:44Z

Chlorinated chicken is on everyone’s lips ?metaphorically and maybe soon, quite literally. The UK may be pressured into accepting chlorinated chicken as part of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US, but campaigners argue heavily against letting it enter our food chain.

So, what exactly is chlorinated chicken and why has it got everyone in a flap?

What is chlorinated chicken?

Simply put, it’s chicken that has been treated with chlorine. Once a chicken has been killed and prepared, it’s washed in water that contains chlorine or other chemicals; a process called :Pathogen Reduction Treatment (PRT). This is to remove harmful bacteria such as salmonella, campylobacter and E.coli, which could make us very ill.

Is chlorinated chicken safe to eat?

Chlorine-washed chicken isn’t dangerous in the amounts we would consume ?the European Food Safety Authority even says that exposure to chlorine residues on chicken ?a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">:would be of no safety concern?/span>. And we already eat chlorinated foods; bagged salads in Europe are often rinsed in chlorine, while it is routinely added to UK tap water.

So what’s the problem?

The issue isn’t the chlorine itself but what it might be disguising. The EU is concerned that chlorine washing could hide poor hygiene and animal welfare practices that occur earlier on in the production process. That’s why chlorinated chicken imports have been banned in the EU since 1997.

Instead of chlorine-washing, we follow a ‘farm to fork?approach; high hygiene and animal welfare standards must be met throughout production to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria developing. This produces healthier animals, which means we don’t need to rinse our chicken in chlorine at the end of the process.

Chlorine-washing may not even be that effective. A: 2018 study by the University of Southampton found chlorine can ‘make foodborne pathogens undetectable? there are still enough bacteria to be harmful but their numbers are too low to be picked up by food safety tests.

Meanwhile, research carried out by the US non-profit organisation Consumer Reports discovered that 97 per cent of 300 American chicken breasts they tested contained salmonella, E.coli and campylobacter. Around half of those tested also contained one type of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is particularly worrying as drug-resistant superbugs now lead to thousands of deaths a year.

Does this mean chlorinated chicken could make me ill?

It’s very tricky to compare rates of :food poisoning in the US and the UK, as the data is collected differently, but some experts say you’re seven times more likely to get food poisoning in America than in the UK. Official figures also show that around 420 deaths a year in the US are linked to salmonella, while in the UK we had no reported deaths from salmonella from 2007 to 2016.

Sounds nasty. But isn’t chlorinated chicken banned in the EU?

Yes, it is. However, the UK leaves the EU on 31 December 2020 and campaigners fear that :without the protection of EU: legislation, the UK will have to accept chlorinated chicken as part of any trade deal with the US.

There are also worries that the US will flood the market with cheap chickens, putting pressure on our farmers to reduce their costs, in turn driving down hygiene and :welfare standards.

Can I just stop eating American chickens then?

It won’t be that simple. Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, says food producers are currently not required to inform UK consumers whether or not chlorine was used in production. In other words, there may not be any words of warning on the label.

Restaurants and caterers don’t have to tell you where their meat comes from either, so you’ll have no way of checking if chlorinated chicken is in your favourite takeaway. ‘We simply won’t know we’re eating it,?warns Sustain.

Is chlorinated chicken inevitable then?

Watch this space. The Agriculture Bill, which guarantees any future trade deals meet our welfare and manufacturing standards, has recently been through the parliamentary ping-pong process. The House of Commons rejected an amendment to the bill to ensure food imports comply with ‘relevant domestic standards?but this decision was :overturned by the House of Lords, sending the bill back to the Commons.

Then the government announced that chlorinated chicken ?plus other US imports like hormone-injected beef ?are ‘already banned in the UK, and we will not negotiate to remove that ban in a trade deal? However, their U-turn falls short of a :legal ban, so chlorinated chicken could still be imported.

The good news is that the Trade and Agriculture Commission has been given :stronger powers to advise parliament on future trade deals. They will produce an independent report into the impact on UK animal welfare and agriculture of every post-Brexit trade deal, then recommend whether the government accepts or rejects it.

So while it’s not an outright ban, it should help keep chlorine in our swimming pools and well away from our dinner tables.

Enjoyed this? Now read?/span>

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Anya Gilbert <![CDATA[Best Black Friday slow cooker deals 2020: Ninja Foodi, Crock-Pot, Tower, Sage]]> 2020-11-27T12:53:12Z 2020-11-27T11:00:23Z

Everything from curry to yogurt, grains, dhal and pudding is achievable in a slow cooker. These clever kitchen gadgets are the epitome of low-and-slow cooking, a method that intensifies flavour and tenderises ingredients like root vegetables ?even large joints of meat can simply fall off the bone.

Notorious for its deals, Black Friday is a great time to find kitchen appliances on offer, not just slow cookers but everything from the best coffee machines to dishwashers.

Tested by BBC Good Food experts with two slow cooker recipes, these particular models were chosen for reasons including their capacity and size, functions, and, of course, the finished result of the cooked meal.  

Design features and ease of use do vary, as does the price of slow cookers. We recommend doing your own research ahead of Black Friday so you can choose the right model for your kitchen space and family.

We’ll be updating these Black Friday slow cooker deals regularly, along with our main Black Friday kitchen appliance deals page on our favourite tried and tested models, so check back here for all the latest offers.  

For all the best Black Friday kitchen appliance deals and more unbiased expert buyer’s guides, visit our reviews section to find 400+ round-ups on everything from the best dishwasher tablets to the best slow cookers and food processors

Which retailers have Black Friday sales running?

Below, you’ll find the biggest offers on our picks of the :best slow cookers but for more Black Friday kitchen appliance deals, check out these sales.

:John Lewis & Partners launched its Black Friday sale on Friday 20 November ?browse the John Lewis Black Friday offers section to find deals on home and electrical products.

Or with Christmas just around the corner, perhaps you’re after some :gifts for foodies. Find plenty of inspiration in our :reviews section and :gift guides. Retailer-wise, Trouva, Amara, :Not on the High Street and :Ethical Superstore are great places to find quality kitchenware and unique personalised gifts.

Keen to give back with every purchase? Between 23-30 November, Ethical Superstore will not only be running a 20% discount across its site but also :donating grocery items to the Newcastle West End Foodbank with every order over £30.

Best Black Friday slow cooker deals 2020

Ninja Foodi multi-cooker OP300UK, Black Friday deals

Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker on a white background

Best multi-tasking slow cooker 

This kitchen gadget is a smart multi-cooker featuring slow cooking as one of seven functions. You’re also able to steam, air fry, sear/saute, bake/roast, cook and grill ingredients, so it’s a nifty bit of kit to have in the cupboard. A week ahead of Black Friday, the appliance is generally retailing around £149.99 from most main retailers who are out to compete. If you want to buy direct, Ninja has launched its own :Black Friday Event, and has also shaved £50 off the Ninja Foodi’s :RRP of £199.99.

Read our full 6-litre Ninja Foodi multi-cooker review.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 (5.7L), Black Friday deals

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 (5.7L)

The benefit of an Instant Pot is that is performs several cooking functions at the same time, all of which will make your life easier. The main function is pressure cooking, which speeds up the cooking time of cheaper ingredients while adding more flavour than a slow cooker ever can. It does also slow cook. Read our comprehensive review of the :Instant Pot Duo to learn about all this machine has to offer ?we tested the 7-in-1 5.7L version but it’s available in smaller and bigger sizes. We’ve found a great Black Friday saving on Amazon ?now £25 off the original :RRP of £84.99.

Crock-Pot Lift & Serve digital slow cooker, Black Friday deals

Crock-Pot Lift & Serve digital slow cooker on a white background

Best kitchen-to-table slow cooker 

This 4.7-litre CSC052 slow cooker is excellent value for money at full price, so any additional discount is a bonus. Among its impressive features is a clear digital screen, a smart hinged lid for drip-free lifting, three temperature settings (high, low and warm) and an adjustable timer, allowing you to set any duration between 30 minutes and 20 hours. Once the food is cooked, the model automatically switches to ‘keep warm? so the pot can be brought straight to the table once you arrive home. The capacity makes six portions. RRP around £50. 

Read our full Crock-Pot Lift & Serve digital slow cooker review

Lakeland digital slow cooker, Black Friday deals

Lakeland Digital Slow Cooker on a white background

Best slow cooker for families

One of many features we love about Lakeland’s 6.5-litre digital slow cooker is the fact that you can sear meat in the pot on the hob. It’s induction-friendly, plus the sheer size means that whole cuts of meat can be handled in one go. If you’re into batch cooking or are feeding a large family, this will offer six good-sized portions. :RRP £59.99.

Read our full Lakeland digital slow cooker review

Sage the Fast Slow Pro, Black Friday deals

Sage the Fast Slow Pro on a white background

Best slow cooker for one 

Deals on Sage appliances are always something to look forward to. From the Barista Express bean-to-cup coffee machine to: The Super Q blender, its gadgets consistently perform well tested against other leading brands and models. Voted 4.5/5 stars by BBC Good Food experts, the Fast Slow Pro shares the brand’s iconic brushed-steel finish that’s both stylish and practical to wipe clean. It also has a small footprint, despite its 6-litre capacity. :RRP £199.95.

Read our full Sage the Fast Slow Pro review.

Tefal RK302E15 Multicook 8-in-1 multicooker, Black Friday deals 

Tefal Multicook 8-in-1 Multicooker on a white background

Best value multicooker

Multicookers win on the versatility front. Rated 4.5/5 stars when tested, the Tefal eight-in-one model not only looks the part with a fingerprint-free stainless steel outer, but has six programmed recipes in addition to its two cooking functions for steaming and slow-cooking. The lid is vented, so despite the tight seal, steam can escape to avoid any build-up of pressure. It also pops up easily for mess-free checking. :RRP £64.99.

Read our full Tefal RK302E15 Multicook 8-in-1 multicooker review.

Morphy Richards 3.5-litre 460009 Sear, Stew & Stir slow cooker, Black Friday deals 

Morphy Richards Sear, Stir and Serve slow cooker on a white background

Best everyday slow cooker

The Morphy Richards model is robust, easy to use and well made. Rated 4.5/5 stars by the BBC Good Food team, two of its functions in particular stood out during testing. The first is the ability to sear meat in its aluminium pot directly over the gas hob before slow-cooking. Plus, a motor in its lid can hold a removable stirrer, which comes in handy for casseroles and curry recipes. :RRP £54.99.  

Read our full Morphy Richards Sear, Stew & Stir slow cooker review

Tower Infinity 3.5-litre slow cooker, Black Friday deals

Tower Infinity Slow cooker on a white background

Best no-nonsense slow cooker

Now available for £21.99, this 3.5-litre Tower is an excellent deal. The brand itself was selling it for £24.99, so in reality, savings are more around £3 from the :recommended retail price, but a saving is a saving. Rated 4/5 stars when tested, impressive features include its cool-touch handles, long flex cord, three heat settings and elegant design. :RRP £24.99.

Read our full Tower Infinity 3.5-litre slow cooker review.

Salter EK2842 chalkboard 3.5-litre slow cooker

Best slow cooker for innovative and practical design

With its great cooking results and reasonable price, this is an excellent option, especially for those with limited kitchen space. The quirky, chalkboard finish is a surprisingly useful feature for noting cooking times, as the machine doesn’t have a timer. The stay-cool handles live up to their name, allowing you to easily lift out the inner pan. :RRP £39.99.

Read our full Salter chalkboard slow cooker review.


Ones to watch

Wilko 6-litre slow cooker, Black Friday deals  

Wilko discounted its 6-litre slow cooker by £5 earlier this month making its already budget-friendly slow cooker even more affordable, so we’ll keep an eye out in case the offer returns on Cyber Monday. Its strength lies in its simplicity. This is a family-sized slow cooker that easily makes enough for six. For best results, we recommend using the low setting, as the high alternative gets ferociously hot. The outer shell also heats up, so this is one to keep at the back of the kitchen counter, away from your kids. On the low setting, our chicken curry recipe was full of tender meat, perfectly cooked and smothered in a delicious sauce. RRP £25

Read our full Wilko 6-litre slow cooker review


When is Black Friday 2020?

We’re expecting Black Friday to look very different this year. Falling on 27 November, the annual shopping event will see deals run on homeware and kitchen appliances until Cyber Monday on 30 November.

High street retailers are already competing for your buying power against the likes of online giants including and Amazon. Now that non-essential retail stores are closed until 2 December due to new national restrictions, Black Friday offers are already appearing.

Currys has now launched its :Ready Set Go sale featuring Black Friday prices on everything from small kitchen appliances to children’s toys. Lakeland has also launched its own event on the digital slow cooker. Now is a good chance to pick up a top bit of kit with a great discount ahead of Christmas. 

If you’re wondering which slow cooker to pick up in the Black Friday sales, take a look at our best list for some tried and tested recommendations. We only feature models that perform best across testing criteria, including value-for-money at the product’s original RRP price. Because of this, when Black Friday kitchen appliance deals ramp up, you’ll know there will be great savings to make.

How to get a good deal on Black Friday

  • Slow cookers vary in price quite broadly, so do your research in advance and decide on the functions you need and the model you want ahead of time. Our pick of the best slow cookers is a good place to start. 
  • Get to know the RRP of your chosen model in advance, so you’ll be able to spot a good deal when it comes around. 
  • Stick to your list. With so many Black Friday deals flying around, it’s easy to be seduced by deals on other gadgets you don’t necessarily need.  
  • Only buy what you can afford. 
  • Retailers such as, John Lewis & Partners and Currys PC World all offer a price-match guarantee, so it’s worth shopping around online.
  • When you see a deal you like, buy! We’re expecting stock to sell out fast this Black Friday. 

Should I wait for Cyber Monday?

Online retailer deals are already starting. Although the biggest offers may be saved for the actual Black Friday event, we’d advise buying when you see a price you like. Cyber Monday used to be the dedicated day to find great offers online, but this isn’t always the case anymore. 

This year, thanks to major online competition between brands, high-street giants and online retailers, there will be plenty of deals to take advantage of ahead of Cyber Monday. 

Check back here for all the latest news and best Black Friday slow cooker deals. 

The BBC Good Food reviews section features buyer’s guides brought to you by our Test Kitchen experts.

Anya Gilbert <![CDATA[Best Black Friday dishwasher deals 2020: Samsung, Miele, Bosch]]> 2020-11-27T11:34:09Z 2020-11-27T10:00:24Z

White goods such as dishwashers are a large financial commitment that, when made right, will save you time and money. Now as famous for its sales in the UK as it is in the US, Black Friday is a great time to buy a top-rated dishwasher for a price much lower than the recommended retail price (RRP).

To help you make an informed decision about what to spend your money on, we conducted a survey across 1000 households to find out what dishwashers people owned, their reasoning for choosing them and whether they would buy them again.

Combined with trusted advice from domestic white goods experts and repairs engineers including from, and :Currys PC World, we brought you recommended suggestions of the :best dishwashers to help you find the right ones for your home and budget.

Our full :dishwasher buying guide runs you through everything you need to know, from features to look out for to understanding a dishwasher’s efficiency. Once you’ve decided on the dishwasher for you, this is the right place to be.

For more Black Friday kitchen appliance deals and unbiased expert buyer’s guides, visit our :reviews section to find 400+ round-ups of everything from the :best dishwasher tablets to :best slow cookers and :best food processors

Which retailers have Black Friday offers available?

You can find discounts on our picks of the :best dishwashers below, but for more Black Friday kitchen appliance deals, check out these retailer sales:

  • Very ?discounts available on home tech including KitchenAid
  • :Appliances Direct ?up to 50% off appliances including fridge freezers
  • :Selfridges ?up to 20% off kitchen and home including Le Creuset, Magimix and Smeg with code, SELFCCE at checkout
  • Wayfair ?Black Friday sale now on
  • :John Lewis & Partners ?offers on Samsung, Siemens and Fisher & Paykel dishwashers, plus 20% off Le Creuset
  • Etsy ?20% or more off
  • :Ethical Superstore ?early Christmas offers
  • Argos ?discounts on Hotpoint, Indesit and Candy dishwashers
  • ?savings available on everything from the :best dishwashers to microwaves
  • Currys ?‘Black Fri-Yay!?sales now live
  • Amazon ?Black Friday deals now live
  • H:ouse of Fraser ?£20 voucher with every £100 spent (T&C apply)
  • Lakeland ?save on kitchenware and home appliances
  • Nisbets ?Star Buys with up to 50% off

:John Lewis & Partners launched its Black Friday sale on Friday 20 November ?browse the John Lewis Black Friday offers section to find deals on home and electrical products.

Or for more :gift guides and inspiration, :Not on the High Street, Etsy, Trouva and Amara are all good places to find unique small businesses to support this winter.

For sustainable and eco-conscious gift ideas, :Ethical Superstore will have 20% discount applied across its site, whilst also pledging to donate grocery items to a local foodbank with every order over £30 between 23-30 November.

Best dishwasher Black Friday deals

We’re busy searching for the best Black Friday dishwasher deals on our favourite tried-and-tested models and will be updating this page regularly as they drop. In the meantime, why not check some of these out while we wait for other deals to appear? The :Bosch SMS25EW00G was our recommended best all-rounder, while the :Miele G7360 SCVi is a top pick for your smart home.

Samsung Series 6 DW60M6050FW dishwasher | A++, Black Friday deals

Samsung DW60M6050FW dishwasher against a white background

Voted best dishwasher for medium families by :white goods experts in our buyer’s guide to the :best dishwashers, this Samsung boasts a 14 place-setting capacity and a childproof lock on its door when turned on. Versatility is a particular selling point. The upper basket can be moved up and down to accommodate tall plates underneath, whilst the plate spikes themselves are adjustable to best support the contents of each load. Handily, there’s a 30-minute quick wash setting and if you choose to run a half load, the machine will adjust its energy usage accordingly. Check out Samsung’s early Black Friday deals here.

Miele G7360 SCVi| A+++ dishwasher, Black Friday deals


Offering 14 place settings and 10 cleaning cycles programs, this Miele has all the basic functions you’d want from a fully integrated dishwasher. Except it’s far from basic, boasting the highest energy efficiency rating (A+++), among other things, to help you save energy and therefore money on bills. You can also control it by voice when paired with an :Amazon Alexa device, or through the WiFiConn@ct app on your smartphone. :RRP £1499.

Bosch SMS25EW00G | A++, Black Friday deals


This machine boasts improved efficiency over the SMS40T32GB model, along with reduced water consumption, making it cheaper to run. The brand has added a third rack VarioDrawer to place cutlery and utensils on whilst its top basket is height adjustable to offer flexibility over what can be stacked inside. If you’re washing precious or delicate glasses, select the specific program to achieve what’s reportedly watermark-free and shiny glasses. We also like the safety features including a childproof lock door and leak protection system to give you peace of mind. RRP £429.

Bosch Serie 2 SMS24AW01G | A+, Black Friday deals


With a 12-setting capacity, the Bosch Serie 2 is a good option for smaller families. Although it lacks some of the bells and whistles of more expensive dishwasher models, this freestanding Serie 2 does feature adjustable racking over three heights and the brand’s brushless motor, which it claims will achieve a powerful wash with minimal energy loss. If you’re particularly lacking in time, the VarioSpeed option tells your dishwasher to complete the wash and dry cycle in the shortest time possible. The quick wash takes just 29 minutes which is handy if you’re in a hurry. RRP £299.

Miele G7310 SCi | A+++, Black Friday deals


This is a sophisticated and versatile full-sized dishwasher that’s been seemingly designed to give you ultimate control over cleaning your dishes, without any of the effort. One of the most impressive things about this dishwasher is its A+++ energy rating, highlighting it as being particularly efficient with energy and water. This therefore suggests it would be a cost effective dishwasher to run. :RRP £1,399.

When is Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday is an annual shopping event, originally from the US, that’s become synonymous with brands and retailers dropping deals on products on the first Friday after Thanksgiving ahead of Christmas.

This year, Black Friday falls on 27 November and deals will run right through to the 30 November, dubbed Cyber Monday. Plus, the trend has seen deals start earlier and earlier in order to entice customers.

Are the dishwasher deals on Black Friday worth waiting for?

With high-value items like dishwashers, every saving counts. The UK’s largest retailers, including :John Lewis & Partners,, Currys, Amazon and Argos ran deals across their stock both online and in store last year and will be competing for your money with retailers like Very this time around. With the doors of all non-essential retail stores closing between 5 November and 2 December in line with new government regulations, we’re expecting a storm of Black Friday kitchen appliance deals unlike anything we’ve seen before.

You’ll likely find that dishwasher models which are neither the newest or oldest often have the best deals on, so that brands and retailers can make way for new stock.

How to get a good deal on Black Friday

  • Do your research first so you have the model you want in mind. Dishwashers come with a variety of specifications, features and programs, so knowing what you’re looking for will ensure you’re not lulled into buying something that’s not right for you. Our :buyer’s guide is a good place to start.
  • Be familiar with the RRP of each product in advance so you’re aware of how much money you’ll save when each deal rolls along.
  • Only buy what you can afford.
  • Some retailers such as :John Lewis & Partners, and Currys guarantee that they will match a price if you find a product being sold cheaper by another retailer.

Should I wait for Cyber Monday?

Like almost everything this year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will look a little different. Retailers are rightly anticipating lower footfall in high street branches and with greater social-distancing measures in place, will be likely bringing their best deals online.

The last few years have also seen deals starting earlier and earlier. Cyber Monday used to be the day on which to make your online purchases, but our advice is not to wait. Do your research ahead of time, find the best dishwasher for you and check back here for all the latest news and best dishwasher Black Friday 2020 deals.

The BBC Good Food :reviews section features buyer’s guides brought to you by our Test Kitchen experts.

Before you start your Black Friday shopping, take a look at our picks of the :best appliances on the market.

This page was updated on 27 November, 2020

Liberty Mendez <![CDATA[How to make a babka wreath]]> 2020-11-26T22:30:15Z 2020-11-26T15:38:30Z

Unwind whilst watching this satisfying video of Liberty Mendez making a chocolate and orange babka wreath. She delicately spreads chocolate across the dough before cutting and twisting it to create a wreath.

This chocolate orange babka wreath would make a great Christmas baking activity during the holidays. For more inspiration, see our collection of :chocolate orange recipes and try another festive twist with this :stollen babka wreath.

Brendan Hodrien <![CDATA[The best Irish cream taste tested]]> 2020-11-26T11:40:50Z 2020-11-26T11:40:50Z

Few things say Christmas better than an Irish cream liqueur. The silky smooth boozy tipple is an ever present for many family traditions, from finishing a bottle whilst wrapping presents to treating yourself as a Christmas dinner dessert.

Made by mixing Irish whiskey with cream and other flavourings, this much loved libation is ubiquitous in the winter months and, even though many of us are accustomed to one brand in particular, there’s a whole world of Irish creams out there to try. From those indulgently sweet to quirkily flavoured, there’s a bottle out there for everybody.

We’ve rounded up the best of the best that you can buy this festive season, so go grab a short glass and a couple of ice cubes and stick your feet up, here are the best Irish cream liqueurs this year.

The best Irish cream to buy this Christmas

Feeney’s Irish cream (17% ABV)

Feeneys Irish cream in a bottle

A luxury take on the classic

One of the most luxurious Irish creams there is, Feeney’s is made in the heart of the Republic, crafted in the town of Abbeyleix in County Laois.

First produced over 25 years ago by Tom Feeney, this bottle is made by blending Irish whiskey aged for at least three years with rich chocolate and real dairy cream from nearby farms.

The quality of the ingredients shines through with this one, the Irish grain whiskey with delicate peppery punch and fruity notes plays well against the thick cream and rich chocolate, marrying together for an ultra smooth experience which is as sweet as it is fresh, providing that boozy kick without that harsh finish which can put off non-whiskey drinkers.

Available from Drink Supermarket (£12.99)

Arran Gold cream liqueur (17% ABV)

Arran Gold cream liqueur

A Scottish spin on an Irish delicacy

Sure, Arran isn’t strictly Irish. Ok, it’s not Irish at all. Arran is a Scottish distillery, famed for its smooth and fruity single malts, the company is situated off the west coast of Scotland on the Isle of Arran.

The Arran Gold was launched in 2004 and has been a resounding success with its deep, complex palate. Smelling this bottle is almost as good as drinking it, the liqueur full of deep dark berry aromas, along with a suggestion of mint in the background.

This is definitely the option for whisky lovers with the spirit seeping through notes of milk chocolate and honey on the palate. This bottle won World’s Best Whisky Liqueur in 2007 and we can see why.

Coole Swan (16% ABV)

Coole Swan Irish cream liqueur bottle

Indulgent, decadent and irresistibly moreish

Coole Swan is the premium choice when it comes to Irish cream. Everything about this bottle screams luxury, from the selection of the finest dairy cream to the dollops of decadent Belgian white chocolate.

Independent and family owned, the firm derives its name from one of WB Yeats?most beloved romantic works, The Wild Swans at Coole.

One sip and you’re debating just going for a straw straight into the bottle. The palate is lusciously smooth, enveloping your tongue with a velvet tapestry of vanilla, cocoa butter, toffee and nutty spices.

The chocolate, cream and triple distilled Irish whiskey play off each other in perfect harmony, preventing any cloying sweetness in the aftertaste. This truly is a superlative Irish cream, as you’d expect given that it took 230 attempts to get the recipe just right.

Five Farms Irish cream (17% ABV)

Five Farms Irish cream bottle

The freshest you can get from the heart of County Cork

Five Farms Irish Cream is all about freshness. This bottle is made using single batches of fresh dairy cream, blended with triple distilled Irish whiskey within 48 hours of collection.

This freshness translates into the ultra light and creamy mouthfeel, rightfully earning the firm widespread acclaim ?Five Farms scored a record 97/100 in the 2018 World Spirits Challenge.

The palate is as creamy as they come, silky with milk chocolate and hints of coffee, the quality of the whiskey really shines through.

Not only is this delicious on the tongue but the bottle is easy on the eyes as well. The authentic wide mouthed glass bottle comes with a swing top closure and embossed detailing ?definitely one to keep wash out and keep around when you’re done.

Baileys Original Irish cream (17% ABV)

Baileys Irish cream bottle

The classic, need we say more?

We couldn’t leave them out, could we? Baileys is the original, the go-to, when it comes to Irish cream.

The story goes that decades ago a group of ambitious, proud Irishmen had the dream of combining two of the Emerald Isle’s most precious exports: dairy cream and whiskey; by 1974 the recipe we know and love today was written, the rest is history.

Baileys has become a favourite the world over for its consistently comforting palate of rich chocolate and vanilla, combining together in a pool of whiskey-laced cream.

There’s no wonder this bottle is such a Christmas favourite: it is indulgent, moreish and perfect for getting merry with family and friends.

Merlyn cream liqueur (17% ABV)

Merlyn cream liqueur bottle

Wales?full blooded entry into the cream liqueur market

The Merlyn Cream Liqueur is a Welsh take on the Irish classic, from one of the country’s most famous distilleries.

The Welsh Whisky Company was founded in 1998, after the 20th Century saw whisky distilling in Wales rocked by court cases, duty fraud and jail time.

Distillation resumed in Wales in September in the year 2000, four years later Penderyn’s Single Malt was launched by HRH Prince Charles.

A decade and a half and an embarrassment of awards later and Penderyn are enjoying success with a range of spirits and liqueurs, their Merlyn Cream Liqueur a particular favourite.

The nose is characterised by toffee and fresh fruit, the palate leans into the classic vanilla and chocolate palate with peppery spirit complementing the pair well.

Skinny Moo peanut butter cream liqueur (12% ABV)

Skinny Moo Irish cream bottle

Everything should come with a peanut butter version

Hear us out. What if Irish cream tasted like peanut butter? What a world that would be. Thankfully, we live in the future, where you can get peanut butter flavoured Irish cream, courtesy of Skinny Moo.

This bottle comes from the same Abbeyleix based makers of Feeney’s Irish Cream and is ideal for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup obsessive in your life.

Not only does this Irish cream have that delicious peanut butter profile, but it is also lighter than you’d imagine ?clocking in at 55 calories a measure, the same as your typical gin and tonic. This also works surprisingly well in an :espresso martini.

Available from (£27.99)

Sainsbury’s Irish cream liqueur (17% ABV)

Sainsbury Irish cream in a bottle

A super-sweet supermarket take on on the classic

If you fancy picking up a bottle with your big shop then the Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Irish cream liqueur is a solid option. Made with Ballyrashane cream and triple distilled Irish whiskey, this is a super-smooth option and a winner for those that prefer a milkier cream liqueur. There’s plenty of butterscotch and vanilla to chew on as well as some decadent cocoa layers.

The finish could be a bit saccharine for some, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth and don’t enjoy any lingering whiskey aftertaste then this is perfect for you. Try mixing with some vodka and Kahlua to make the classic Mudslide cocktail ?basically a very adult chocolate milkshake.

Available from Sainsbury’s (£11)

Baileys Almande (13% ABV)

Baileys Almande Irish cream

The vegan version of the one we know and love

You know what they say about going vegan, the hardest thing to give up is bacon…and Irish cream. Thankfully there is a vegan Irish cream to enjoy at Christmas, courtesy of Baileys.

Made using almond and vanilla flavouring, this dairy-free take on the classic offers something a bit different taste and texture wise.

The one trade off with the vegan version is that it isn’t as creamy as the Baileys original. We still lapped it up nonetheless, almond is a classic after dinner liqueur flavour and it works perfectly with the classic vanilla-forward Baileys profile. If you’re looking forward to a more sustainable Christmas, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

St Patrick’s salted caramel Irish cream (17% ABV)

St Patrick's Irish cream in a bottle

Authentic indulgence from an award-winning distillery

You surely can’t get a more Irish offering than one by the name of St. Patrick’s. This bottle comes from the Cork-based St. Patrick’s distillery, a young company which boasts an embarrassment of awards across its range of spirits; they make gin, vodka, whisky and liqueurs and they’re pretty darn good at all of them.

The key to a good Irish cream liqueur is a good Irish whiskey, thankfully St. Patrick’s has a gold medal-winning whiskey range.

Whilst the firm’s award-winning original Irish cream is well worth a sip, we reckon you should treat yourself to the salted caramel expression, complete with healthy dollops of caramel, vanilla, toffee and cocoa. There’s also full-fat butter there to make it extra luscious.

Available from Master of Malt (£23.95)

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